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Woman coughs on police


A Deniliquin woman has been charged with breaching the Public Health Order after allegedly coughing on a police officer on Tuesday.

Police went to the 39 year-old’s Russell St home in relation to another matter, and she allegedly became aggressive and verbally abusive towards police.

It is further alleged she told police she had COVID-19, before coughing directly in the face of a female Senior Constable.

She was charged with not comply with police direction, spitting/coughing, give false informatio­n to convey fear of danger, and use offensive language in/near public place.

She is due to appear in Deniliquin Local Court in November.

The woman is among a number of Deniliquin and district residents who have been charged with breaches of the PHO this week.

Between Monday and Thursday, seven fines were issues in regards to being outside the home without a reasonable excuse, and three for not wearing a face mask.

It is on top of eight charges for PHO breaches between Friday and Sunday.

Murray River Police District Deniliquin officer in charge Jy Brown said local residents who flout COVID-19 public health orders could face fines of up to $3000.

And he said it is worth noting that new fines were introduced on Monday, in line with slight changes to the PHO.

The new fines specifical­ly relate to teenagers not wearing face coverings.

‘‘While children under 12 are exempt from wearing a face covering, those aged 12 to 15 can be fined $40 for not wearing or carrying a fitted face covering,’’ Chief Inspector Brown said.

‘‘Those aged 16 or 17 will be fined $80 for the same offence.

‘‘The rules introduced Monday state that you must now also wear a mask outdoors when you’re not at home, unless you are exercising or have a valid exemption.

‘‘This includes simply walking on a street outside shops.

‘‘And of course, stay at home rules apply. You will be fined if you are outside your home without a reasonable excuse.’’

Adults not wearing a mask without a reasonable excuse can be fined $500 per breach, and operators who fail to ensure hospitalit­y workers wear a fitted face mask could be fined $1000. The business may also be fined $5000 per breach.

Chief Insp Brown said one of the larger fines applies to those who fail to abide by the no public gathering greater than two people.

It carries a fine of $3000, and Chief Insp Brown said police will not hesitate to impose it if required.

And a $5000 fine applies to anyone who refuses to assist authoritie­s with contract tracing requiremen­ts.

Chief Insp Brown said anyone who is confused about the rules is instructed to reach out to the relevant authoritie­s for clarificat­ion.

‘‘If you do find it confusing, you can call the Deniliquin Police Station on 5881 9299 for further advice.

‘‘There are also a number of other authoritie­s who can provide the informatio­n you need. You can go to https:/ /, or call the National Coronaviru­s Helpline, a 24 hour helpline, on 1800 020 080.

‘‘We understand it is an impost and hard on everyone, but the sooner we comply with the rules and get vaccinated, the sooner things might improve.’’

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