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Photos needed for book on Bocks

- Mathoura Diary

During the early days of COVID many locals took to social media to share photograph­s of people and places during better times to while away the hours.

It brought back many memories and showcased local identities from over the years.

This has made me hopeful of helping out a friend who has written a book about former well-known locals, the Bock Family.

The book, by Ian Lea, is entitled ‘Bocks – Three Generation­s as Mathoura Bakers’.

Ian is keen to obtain some photograph­s of the little bakery, the Bock and Cook Store beside it and Tillie Bock’s shop and residence located on the north side of the store.

The book is almost finished and is expected to be published in about two months.

If you, or anyone you know, has any of these photograph­s, contact Ian on 0418 468 857.

I’m sure he would be very grateful.

While hopeful last week, the news has come through that the popular Blumes Fashion presentati­on will not be held here next month.

It will be disappoint­ing for locals who enjoy attending the event, not only to view the clothing and be treated to a delicious lunch, but to help a worthy cause.

The event, conducted by the Mathoura Hospital Auxiliary, raises much needed funds for the Deniliquin Hospital and to support our local community nurse.

We will just have to look forward to seeing an end to the COVID situation so things can get back to normal.

There is no doubt about the kids of today, they take everything in their stride.

While many of us in the older generation­s are not up with Google or Zoom, local youngsters currently being home schooled are blitzing them.

Not only are they taking part in classes through the new mediums, but they’re sending photos of their activities to the teachers still holding the fort at school.

Well done kids!

While we have no control over the circumstan­ces our current lockdown has caused, I’m hopeful you are all taking good care of yourself.

If you need to exercise, or just want to stretch your legs, you don’t have to take to the road. A few laps around your house will help keep you in good shape.

You can also cut and cart in a wheelbarro­w load of wood each day or walk to the mailbox to check what bills have arrived – now that’s one thing undeterred by COVID!

You can also poke your head over the fence to check that your neighbours are okay, or give them a call if that’s more convenient.

Thumbs up to the local businesses who offer home delivery of meals for those unable to get out. That service not only ensures you have a healthy meal but someone to check that you’re okay.

After all — ‘We’re all in this together,’ as they say.

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