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Two-person ambrose to be played this weekend


When we are limited to two persons in a group, what better game to play than twoperson ambrose?

So this weekend we will have the men’s and mixed Keno two-person ambrose events on Saturday and Sunday respective­ly. The ladies Keno ambrose was scheduled for yesterday, but has been postponed.

Enter online for both Saturday and Sunday. As previously advised, the Premier League matches will resume when lockdown ends and we return to normal play.

Last Thursday the ladies played stableford and the A grade winner was Jen Choice with 37 points from Kym Sandford 36, and in B grade Ann Bull had 38 to defeat Libby Henderson 36.

Last Saturday was stableford. A grade winner was Noel Swainger on 37 points from Leigh Chappell 36; B grade went to Mark Thomas 39 from Peter Oddy 38; in C grade Warren Bull had 35 to win on countback to Kevin Reeves; and in D grade Jayne Hood had the best score of the day with 42 points to defeat John Irwin on 39.

Stableford was played again on Sunday, when Ross Taylor won A grade with 37 points from ‘Digger’ Ring on 36, and in B grade the improving Grace Tiri had the best score of the day with 41, to have bragging rights over runner-up John Wacheke on 34.

Chris Thomson was the A grade winner on Wednesday with 39 points, from runnerup Thomas Bult on 37, and in B grade Alan ‘the good’ Lord had 39 to score by a shot to Geoff ‘Zorro’ Bessell.

All players are again reminded to ensure they abide by COVID regulation­s to ensure we can continue playing until lockdown ends. The clubhouse is only open on Wednesday and Saturday, and for takeaways only.

There are no Friday night activities, but they will resume post lockdown.

Last week’s results:

Thursday August 19, ladies stableford: A grade J Choice 37, r/u K Sandford 36; B grade A Bull 38, r/u L Henderson 36.

Ball comp: A Ferguson, P Lloyd, M Rothwell, J Lord, V Barnes, K Leetham, E Bolton, J Barlow, S Simpson, V Hutton, P Aitken, D Hunter, c/o 32.

NTP: 5th V Seely; 9th W Pearce; 11th P Davis. Golden hole P Davis. Saturday August 21, stableford:

A grade N Swainger 37, r/u L Chappell 36; B grade Mark Thomas 39, r/u P Oddy 38; C grade Warren Bull 35, c/b K Reeves; D grade J Hood 42, r/u J Irwin 39.

Ball comp: G Tiri, P Chalmers, J Jeffrey, G Stephens, R Armytage, A Lord, J Swainger, K Simpson, S Butcher, A Danckert, S Simpson, J Wacheke, P Winchcomb, D Wade, R Taylor, R Bolton, K Maher, I Campbell, P Lloyd, J Penna, P Seely, V Lange, D Hunter, I Fuller, J Sommerfeld, A Brunker, G Willoughby, T Kew, K Wemyss, B Bourke, c/o 32.

NTP: 2nd J Pearce, C Fuller; 5th V Hutton, K Reeves; 9th P Lloyd, F McCalman; 11th N Swainger, K Sandford; 13th A Brunker, D Osborne. Golden hole V Hutton. Sunday August 22, single stableford: A grade R Taylor 37, r/u D Ring 36; B grade G Tiri 41, r/u J Wacheke 34.

Ball comp: G Stephens, T Howe, K Wemyss, G King, S Mildren, K Leetham, S Tritton, G Rodda, J Kerr, N Purtill, A Liebenberg, c/o 32.

Tuesday August 24, ladies versus par: Winner P Chalmers +2, r/u L Henderson +1, 3rd V Seely +1.

Ball comp: J Lord, B Leetham, L Chadderton, B Purtill, R Lawrence, S Hancock, K Bodey, D Wharton c/o -2. Wednesday August 25, men’s stableford: A grade C Thomson 39, r/u T Bult 37; B grade A Lord 39, r/u G Bessell 38.

Ball comp: J Metcalfe, G Huntington, G Rothwell, P Beckton, N Werner, A Liebenberg, Andrew Hall, N Swainger, N Purtill, K Wemyss, B Barlow, T Grant, J Hunt, P Winchcomb, P Hodgkinson, R Sobolewski, J Radeski, c/o 32.

NTP: I Fuller, K Maher. Golden hole G Bracken.

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