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End of season looks unlikely


After a disrupted football year, the Deni Wanderers are not sure whether their season will come to a close.

It comes with the ongoing regional lockdowns in both NSW and Victoria, as well as the difficulty being able to travel to non-border bubble locations.

The AAM Griffith Football and District Associatio­n team were due to have their 14th round match before finals, but this has not been played.

Coach Josh Perizzolo says it’s unclear what will happen but finishing the season is looking more unlikely.

‘‘There has been no update from GDFA at the moment, my assumption is the season will be called off,’’ Perizzolo said.

And with decisions out of their hands, Perizzolo says they are simply looking forward to what they can play here in Deni.

‘‘We will hopefully get futsal back up and running, so at least we will be able to keep our toes in the water there,’’ he said.

‘‘I think most of the boys are doing some type of activity, more to keep sanity with the lockdown situation rather than training for anything specifical­ly.

‘‘We will probably just regroup later on in the year when we can to prepare for next season.

‘‘Although the season has certainly not been smooth, the committee have made great progress, establishi­ng sponsors and getting club apparel organised for seasons to come.

‘‘Our future prospects are good, with plenty of young players showing interest at training and the club in a great position financiall­y and with numbers.

‘‘We have proven ourselves to be competitiv­e this season and we are very much looking forward to when sport resumes back to ‘normal’.

‘‘We are continuing to improve year on year, and in 2022 we expect further developmen­t of the squad and some added depth.’’

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