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Women’s Shed celebrates year of friendship, support


Deniliquin Women’s Shed has just celebrated its first birthday.

The local group provides a space for women to join together to work on projects, but also share in a sense of social wellbeing and community.

Co-founded by Marcia Kennedy and Diane Field, the group was formed when they wanted to formalise friends meeting as a group.

Mrs Kennedy says they were also inspired after a visit to the Menshed in Finley.

‘‘We were on a way home from Finley, and went in the Menshed there,’’ said Mrs Kennedy.

‘‘We had a chat with them and had a look at their set up, which was really good.’’

And with the crux of their group being to uplift women, the Women’s Shed was born.

‘‘It’s all about being good for mental health and forming new friendship­s,’’ said Mrs Kennedy.

‘‘The group is going really well.

‘‘It’s a positive environmen­t, we love getting together.’’

When not in lockdown, the group meets the third Sunday of each month at the Deniliquin Anglican Church.

And they are thankful for the spot to facilitate their activity.

‘‘It’s a great location,’’ said Mrs Kennedy.

‘‘We have sewing machines, as well as garden space.

‘‘Archdeacon Wayne Sheean is so supportive and we are really appreciati­ve to him for providing the space.

‘‘As he has said, it’s a great outreach for women.’’

The group is also eager to be able to help other community groups where they can.

‘‘In the pipeline, we have some fundraisin­g ideas.

‘‘Through raffles, and perhaps a handmade fair and a scone day in the future.

‘‘When we are able to, we would like to be able to fundraise and donate to others in community groups, to help them.’’

And while lockdown may have forced a break for now, Mrs Kennedy says they are keen for other ladies to get involved.

‘‘You’re welcome, even if you just want to come and sit and be part of it,’’ said Mrs Kennedy.

‘‘Some ladies teach patchwork, or you can bring along whatever project you like.

‘‘There’s some existing embroidery projects people can work on too.’’

Those interested in becoming involved can get in contact with Mrs Kennedy on 0427 962 923.

 ??  ?? ■ Marcia Kennedy has always had a desire to share her creative side with the community.
■ Marcia Kennedy has always had a desire to share her creative side with the community.

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