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Message from Chris Bilkey

The last 18 months has been a challengin­g time for everyone and there are a lot of people in our communitie­s who are hurting. So, in the lead-up to ‘R U OK? Day’ next week, we are encouragin­g you to check in with people you know; Are they really, OK? Ask them today.

We’ll also be sharing informatio­n locally and via our social platform when ‘RUOK? Day’ rolls around on September 9. There’s some great tips available via on how to ask, then listen, encourage action and check in.

‘RUOK? Day’ encourages all of us to have regular, meaningful conversati­ons to support anyone struggling with life’s ups and downs. Please take the time to check in with your loved ones. A conversati­on could change a life.

The ongoing lockdown and border restrictio­ns are also making it very hard to lead any kind of normal life. As many have said, it’s the achievemen­t of the vaccinatio­n target numbers that will ultimately free up the way we can move around and get back to everyday life.

Recent data from the Murrumbidg­ee Health Service in Wagga Wagga shows that Murray River Council Area has the highest single and double vaccinated people in the Riverina. That is a great testament to the good sense of our community. Our single-vaxed percentage is already 79%, while the double vaxed percentage is 50%, well ahead of other LGAs, and state and national averages. Well done to everyone!

Let’s be the ȴrst LGA to reach those 70 and 80% targets for double vaccinatio­n. It will make us all safer, and accelerate the opening up of our communitie­s.

Cr Chris Bilkey MAYOR

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