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New Aussie wheat class


Wheat Quality Australia has announced a new milling wheat class, Australian White Wheat (AWW), that is set to deliver greater choice and value for breeders, growers and the trade alike.

Suitable for the instant noodle and general-purpose flour markets, AWW will also meet the needs of Australian wheat’s largest export customers.

As well as maintainin­g the core quality characteri­stics of Australian hard wheat — white, hard and sound with superior milling extraction and flour colour — Wheat Quality Australia chair Terry Enright said AWW has the potential to deliver an estimated $510 million increased value per season by 2031, through increased yield and area planted.

The new AWW classifica­tion will also provide breeders with an opportunit­y to develop new varieties that meet specific market needs which, in turn, will deliver a better return on investment for growers.

‘‘Planting wheat varieties that are fit for purpose will mean a better return on investment for growers and greater profitabil­ity,’’ he said.

‘‘AWW will be suitable for use in feed and industrial markets, enabling other wheat varieties to be preserved for higher value export as well as domestic milling markets, delivering increased supply and revenue in the domestic supply chain.’’

AWW is expected to be included in the 2021 Classifica­tion Guidelines, with applicatio­ns being considered from 2022.

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