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Deni sheep sale report:


There was an increase in supply at Deniliquin on Tuesday as the main flush of new season stock starts to be sold.

There were 6000 young lambs offered, the bulk being medium to heavy trade weights with very few export pens available.

The extra domestic buyers who attend for these early drop young lambs were active again, joining the regular group in a market that was solid for the best young lambs.

The sale did have some flat spots for plainer trade and light lambs that showed less finish and condition, and overall price averages for these were softer.

Quality in the old lambs is starting to fade and price outcomes were varied with secondary types cheaper.

A few pens of export weight young lambs sold from $280 to a top of $294/head at an estimated 30kg carcase weight.

The majority of the lead drafts were heavy trade weights that sold in a price range from $240 to $270/head, averaging 940c to 1,000c/kg carcase weight.

Buyers were more selective over the lighter trade lambs paying from $185 to $220/head for most.

Young store lambs with reasonable frame-size sold from $160 to $178/head to restockers.

A run of very young and immature Merino lambs made from $65 to $108/head.

Heavy old season lambs ranged from $260 to $292/head and there was still some buoyant results for any quality types with weight.

About 2,000 sheep were penned, the bulk being Merinos with just odd lots of crossbreds.

Mutton prices were softer compared to a fortnight ago but were in-line with more recent trends.

Big heavy crossbred ewes made from $210 to $237 with heavy Merino ewes making from $180 to $206/head.

Top sales:

New season lambs – M & J Dunmore, $294 and $286; G & B Murphy, $273.

Old lambs – S & L Fawns, $292.20; C & T Johnson, $280; F, A, N & S Morona, $275.

Ewes – I & A McAtamney, $237.20; G & G Brunt, $230; S & L Fawns, $229.20.

Rams – John Lamb Pastoral, $202; Eastgate Nominees, $200; Paraway Pastoral Company, $180.

~ Details provided by Meat and Livestock Australia and Elders Rural Services Deniliquin, on behalf of the Deniliquin Associated Agents.

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