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Set for a Classic week


Only a week remains until the 2021 Spring Classic, which is on Saturday and Sunday, September 11 and 12.

It will be the culminatio­n of a big week at the golf club, starting with tomorrow’s Francis Kelly & Grant monthly medal.

There will be a stableford event this Sunday, then two big days for the ladies with the Double Date Mary Bradshaw Bowl on Monday and a stroke event on Tuesday.

The usual stableford is on Wednesday and ladies will also play stableford on Thursday.

Then it’s the popular Spring Classic, sponsored by SunRice and Harvey Norman, next Saturday and Sunday.

With fine spring weather predicted, it should be a great week for the club.

Let’s hope there is some common-sense prevailing and the ‘powers that be’ look at their map, realise we are not next door to Dubbo, and release us from lockdown in time for the Classic.

In last week’s golfing action, the ladies had a stableford event on Thursday with the A grade winner Kerran Leetham on 37 points from Ali Ferguson 36, and in B grade Denise Hunter had an impressive 41, from runner-up Pauline Sherwin 36.

On Saturday the Keno 2 Person Ambrose was played, with Josh Hunt and Geoff Bracken having the excellent score of 56.5 to take the main prize, from runners-up Matt Thomas and Scott Atley 61.25.

The Keno Mixed 2 Person Ambrose was played on Sunday and won by Thomas Bult and Karen Druitt with 59.25, from runnersup Vince Kelly and Lyn Bond 59.5.

Wednesday’s stableford event saw Ian Fuller score 37 points to win A grade on countback to Peter Joice, Rob Sobolewski had 35 to win B grade by a shot to Dick Bolton, and in C grade Ian Lance returned from his winter break up north and scored 40 points, winning by a shot to runner-up Des Ramsey.

It was good to see our secretary-manager Norm Purtill back on deck after a slight mishap which saw him heading to hospital instead of enjoying an afternoon of golf on Saturday. Norm was standing on the first tee when he turned towards a yell of fore!, just in time to cop a wayward golf ball in the mouth. A few stitches and some quick dental work were not how he anticipate­d spending the afternoon! And while he didn’t make it for Sunday’s mixed ambrose, he was back on the course for the regular Wednesday event.

Unfortunat­ely due to the lockdown the clubhouse remains closed for much of the time, with take-away food and drinks available on Wednesday and Sunday. Let’s hope we are back in action with Friday night fun on September 17.

Last week’s results:

Thursday August 26, ladies single stableford:

A grade K Leetham 37, r/u A Ferguson 36; B grade D Hunter 41, r/u P Sherwin 36.

Ball comp: S Simpson, K Sandford, J Barlow, K Campbell, G Beckton, V Hutton, M Radeski, P Lloyd, J Lord, L Chadderton,

C Maher, T Chandler, M Rothwell, A Danckert, c/o 31.

NTP: 9th A Danckert, 11th V Brunker. Golden hole P Davis.

Saturday August 28, Keno 2 Person Ambrose:

Winners J Hunt and G Bracken 56.5, r/u Matt Thomas and S Atley 61.25; 3rd P Joice and S Atley 63; 4th L Chappell and G Corboy 63.25.

Ball comp: R Cowcher, K Druitt, D Nalder, W Hodgson, Will Bull, J Kerr, K Wemyss, J Penna, B Bourke, D McQuie, B McQuie, C Howe, I Campbell, T Grant, J Barlow, J Swainger, G Bulmer, M Harvey, G Brant, S Faulkner, D Osborne, M Barnett, P Lloyd, S Simpson, A Liebenberg, L Liebenberg, R Sobolewski, D Bull, R Taylor, G Stephens, G Collins, T Maw, G Rothwell, R Pogonoski, c/o 67.

NTP: 2nd Z Pearce, C Hardman; 5th G Corboy, C Howe; 9th C Thomson, C Hardman; 11th D McQuie, J Wacheke; 13th Matt Thomas, G Maddison. Golden hole C Howe.

Sunday August 29, Keno Mixed 2 Person Ambrose:

Winners T Bult and K Druitt 59.25, r/u V Kelly and L Bond 59.5; 3rd Matt Thomas and P Aitken 59.5; 4th P Lloyd and T Howe 62.75.

Ball comp: F McCalman, M Barnett, W Pekin, P Thompson, P Seely, V Seely, C Hardman, K Wemyss, B Bourke, S Lugsdin, J Radeski, M Radeski, K Sandford, G Sandford, J Wacheke, G Tiri, S Butcher, G Stephens, G Campbell, J Campbell, S Simpson, D Irwin, c/o 66.5.

NTP: 2nd Matt Thomas; 5th V Brunker, M Radeski; 9th T Howe, R Campbell; 11th V Kelly, A Lord; 13th I Fuller. Golden hole M Radeski.

Tuesday August 31, ladies 9 holes: Winner K Sandford 17, r/u M Marshall 16, 3rd A Bull 14.

Ball comp: K Bodey, L Chadderton, M Menadue, P Grant, P Davis, J Hood, J Hussey, J Adamson, K Bull, R Peacock, J Choice, K Leetham, D Hunter, P Sherwin c/b 11.

Wednesday September 1, stableford: A grade I Fuller 37, c/b P Joice; B grade R Sobolewski 35, r/u R Bolton 34; C grade I Lance 40, r/u D Ramsey 39.

Ball comp: P Winchcomb, C Mitsch, T Bult, G Collins, J Radeski, N Swainger, W Hodgson, B Jennings, P Seely, D Alexander, B Dixon, D Maraldo, G Baker, R Turner, B Barlow, M Radeski, G Stephens, N Werner, J Penna, R Landy, c/o 31.

NTP: N Swainger, G Brant. Golden hole D Ramsey.

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