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New leaders ready to ‘Face the Task’ at DHS


Deniliquin High School has chosen four new captains to lead the school in 2022.

Chloe Way and Cooper Wall will be the school captains, while Alyssa Townsend and Kaileb Wilson will take on the role of vice captains.

All four students said they were anxious to put their names forward, however the support they felt from fellow students following their election was ‘‘a relief’’.

‘‘It feels good to be congratula­ted, to have other kids come up to you and say ‘well done’ after working toward something,’’ Kaileb said.

To be in the running, students had to gain teacher endorsemen­t, and write and give a speech to their fellow students. They were then chosen by popular vote.

‘‘Even though I have only been at this school for three years, I respect the teachers, students and staff for making me feel at home. I would like to pay my respect back to the school and community by proudly representi­ng DHS,’’ Chloe said.

Cooper said personal attributes such as humility, confidence and care for others likely resonated with the student body.

‘‘I have shown leadership through COGS (Collaborat­ive, Organisati­on, Group of Students, which is part of the Student Representa­tive Council) where I ran activities and helped plan events, also through the school production where I mentored younger students,’’ he said.

He also looks forward to building his confidence at public speaking as he steps into the role.

Both vice captains have also involved

themselves in the COGS (SRC) program and other school initiative­s.

Alyssa is passionate about mentoring and supporting her fellow students.

‘‘I believe our school is great at supporting those within our school community and is constantly evolving to meet our needs,’’ she said.

‘‘I feel as though I would be a great addition to this support network as I’m a

great listener, I love to help others and always look for the fun in any situation.’’

Kaileb has shown leadership as house captain for Nyrangi and his avid participat­ion in school sports. He’s passionate about ‘‘continuing to make DHS a great school and give back my time to the DHS community with pride’’.

As the four students move into leadership positions, and their HSC studies, they hope to grow their own abilities.


Alyssa ‘‘loves being organised’’ and has no trepidatio­ns, while Kaileb says he will ‘‘do what I can’’ to be a good role model.

Chloe approaches her role with the pragmatism of ‘‘I’m one to get things done as they’re given to me’’, while Cooper prefers to separate his responsibi­lities to maintain a balance.

‘‘I want to use time management to stay organised — I’ll dedicate certain times to activities and certain times to school,’’ he said.

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Vice captain Kaileb Wilson, captains Cooper Wall and Chloe Way and vice captain Alyssa Townsend.
■ Vice captain Kaileb Wilson, captains Cooper Wall and Chloe Way and vice captain Alyssa Townsend.

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