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SRI offers voting process assistance

- Dear Editor,

With so much confusion surroundin­g the voting process in the Murray Irrigation Ltd election, many shareholde­rs are likely to need assistance with their voting.

For this reason, Southern Riverina Irrigators and the chairs of our landholder associatio­ns have combined in an effort to help those who are uncertain about how to vote.

Firstly, shareholde­rs need to be aware that they will be receiving a voting pack from Vero Voting.

Inside the pack will be instructio­ns and your pin number.

However, we have been made aware that it can still be a difficult process, and for shareholde­rs with multiple votes it is more complex.

It is disappoint­ing that voting has already opened and the voting packs have not arrived, but unfortunat­ely that is out of our control.

We encourage all shareholde­rs to cast their vote, or votes, to ensure they have a say in the future direction of our company.

There may be a lot out of our control at the moment, but the one thing we can all do as shareholde­rs is use our voting right to determine the leadership of the company we own.

So please, make sure you reach out to SRI and the LHA chairs for support to cast your vote, or votes, and make them count!

If you need assistance with this process, please contact Sophie Baldwin on 0427 503 318.

Yours etc. Darcy Hare Deputy chair Southern Riverina Irrigators

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