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Plagues, floods, now earthquake­s


You could be forgiven for thinking we had been transporte­d back to the age of the Old Testament on Wednesday when the ground shook beneath our feet here in Deniliquin.

It’s just the latest in a long line of Biblical style concerns — fires, floods, mice plagues, earthquake­s — and now the Australian Plague Locust Commission is predicting we could see an increase of the insect over coming months.

It seems things are under control, but if the Edward River starts running red with blood, it might be time to make an apocalypse plan.

Dees for life

Brett Parker form the Deniliquin Centrepoin­t Motel has confessed to be the person behind the Melbourne Demons coloured streamers and balloons flying from the front of the motel’s restaurant.

We spotted the decoration­s from Hardinge St at the weekend — a good week before the Dees meet the Western Bulldogs in tomorrow’s AFL grand final.

Brett contacted PTee to say the whole family is rooting for the Dees to make history.

‘‘We will be supporting hard to end the drought and see the Mighty Dees hold the cup for first time in 57 years. GO DEES,’’ he wrote to PTee.

Vaccine drive

A pop up vaccinatio­n clinic will arrive in Deniliquin tomorrow morning to boost vaccinatio­n rates for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Enter at the Macauley St side of Deniliquin Hospital.

If you haven’t received your COVID shot yet, this is the perfect time to head down to the walk-in clinic between 9am and 2pm.

All First Nations people aged 12 to 59 are welcome. Those aged 12 to 15 must be accompanie­d by a parent or guardian.

Bring your Medicare card, photo ID and a face mask.

Cobber challenge

Wanganella station hand Brad Dunlop and dog Roxy finished the 2021 Cobber Challenge in fourth place, with a huge distance of 421.8km over 52 hours of work.

Every year, 12 dogs are selected, saddled with a GPS collar that tracks distance, working duration and speed over a threeweek period.

The results are tallied and the dogs awarded points.

The purpose of the challenge is to ‘‘celebrate the unsung heroes’’ that are Australian and New Zealand farm dogs.

The winning dog was Skyeblue Jack from Victoria, finishing on 1012.6km over 87.3 hours.

10th anniversar­y

Long Table Cafe celebrates 10 years as a Warragoon business this week.

The cafe is beloved for its farm to table approach.

‘‘We had the thought of getting into hospitalit­y, then an idea of building our own restaurant on the farm where we could use all our own fresh produce, it was a very exciting thought that we could do this,’’ owners Kathy and Lawry Smits said via social media.

‘‘With the amazing support from our children, we created a family operated small business.’’

The cafe said support from customers in Deniliquin and surrounds was greatly appreciate­d.

‘‘At this time we are unsure of the future of our restaurant due to this crazy world we live in at the moment, but we will continue living the dream.’’

Collection success

The Moulamein Men’s Shed had a very successful day on Sunday with its battery pick up.

Members estimate they may have picked up over 10 tonnes of batteries for the day. With the $1,000 donated from the Moulamein Footy Netball Club Swan Hill Truck Service Fishing Competitio­n.

Moulamein columnist Ian ‘China’ Gibson says this will really make a difference to the local rivers, creeks and town lake as the Men’s Shed ‘‘scatter these fish around a bit’’.

‘‘If you have a battery or two and you would like to be involved, just drop your old batteries at the gate of our Moulamein Men’s Shed. Or ring Sutto on 0447 541 200, or Allan on 0422 907 090 and they will come and pick them up.

‘‘It does not matter if you have one battery or one tonne of batteries. They will come and see you.

‘‘Have a yarn and keep restocking our local rivers. Well done to our Men’s Shed and everyone that had a few spare batteries to give them.’’

Be seen

The last few mornings have delivered a foggy start across Deniliquin and district.

In response, the Mathoura Rural Fire Service Brigade put out a simple warning on Thursday morning.

It shared a picture on social media of a sign which stands beside the Cobb Highway every single day.

‘‘Save lives, headlights on in the daytime; be seen, be safe’’ it reads.

Simple, but effective.

Barefoot Bowls

Spring is officially here, and with it comes the advent of lawn bowls.

The Deniliquin Racing Club and the Deniliquin Bowling Club are partnering for an afternoon of Barefoot Bowls at the Deniliquin Bowling Club on Sunday.

Arrive at 10.30am for an 11am start, and if you stick it out ‘til lunch you can snag yourself a $10 barbecue feed.

 ?? ?? ■ Brett, Ailin, Myla and Lenny Parker proudly show their footy colours at the front of the Centrepoin­t Motel in Deniliquin, which has also been decorated in Dees colours ahead of tomorrow’s grand final.
■ Brett, Ailin, Myla and Lenny Parker proudly show their footy colours at the front of the Centrepoin­t Motel in Deniliquin, which has also been decorated in Dees colours ahead of tomorrow’s grand final.
 ?? ??

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