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Breeding facility for Warragoon


Submission­s on a proposed dog breeding facility at 383 Birganbigi­l Rd, Warragoon close at 5pm today.

The developmen­t applicatio­n for the 120 dog and 100 puppy capacity facility (total 220) has only been opened for public submission by Edward River Council for 14 days.

Albury company Habitat Planning made the applicatio­n on behalf of Andrew Lee and Mark Crevatin in August, seeking permission to develop the facility for the purposes of breeding, training and boarding dogs.

A spokespers­on for the office of Member for Murray Helen Dalton told the PASTORAL TIMES neighbours of the property raised concerns they had not been consulted soon enough on the applicatio­n.

Council said it has followed all requiremen­ts of the DA’s exhibition period.

‘‘Notices were published in this newspaper ( DENILIQUIN PASTORAL TIMES) on September 10 and also on council’s website the same day. Letters were also sent to all neighbours within a 2km radius on September 9,’’ the council spokespers­on said.

But neighbours claim they did not receive those letters until at least September 15.

They have raised concerns relating to noise, pollution and property devaluatio­n.

Mr Lee’s wife Deborah, who spoke with the PASTORAL TIMES on her husband’s behalf, said the business is ‘‘more than happy’’ to work with neighbours.

She also said Mr Lee and Mr Crevatin’s proposal ‘‘ticks every box’’.

The applicants ordered an acoustic report for noise pollution, while their proposal commits to complying with all animal welfare requiremen­ts.

Mrs Dalton said high demand for dogs during the pandemic in combinatio­n with less stringent laws on NSW breeding facilities means breeders are ‘‘exploiting’’ NSW border towns.

‘‘Often they’re coming in because they’re there to make money,’’ she said.

Mrs Lee did not wish to respond to Mrs Dalton’s comments.

Habitat Planning is also seeking approval to build a similar facility at Moama on behalf of another client.

The DA was approved by Murray River Council in May, and 3000 emails were sent in response. Mrs Dalton’s office said a large majority of those were against the facility.

A subsequent petition objecting to the Moama facility — which has the capacity for 80 more adult dogs than proposed at Warragoon — garnered 30,000 signatures.

Mrs Lee said although that facility received many objections, ‘‘it all comes down to planning’’ an appropriat­e facility.

‘‘Our dogs are very well taken care of,’’ she insisted.

‘‘(We do this) for the passion of breeding dogs and supplying wonderful family pets that are well socialised,’’ Mrs Lee said.

Mr Lee already owns and runs a 30 dog breeding facility at Warragoon.

The applicants applied to build two new ‘‘identical’’ kennels alongside the existing 36m x 31m kennel, each with 22 indoor kennel pens to support the potentiall­y increased capacity.

Mrs Dalton implored council to listen to community sentiment if it was largely against the facility, adding a 14 day exhibition period is not a ‘‘reasonable’’ submission period.

The EP&A Act which sets the legal requiremen­ts for dog breeding facilities only requires a 14 day exhibition period.

To make a submission, email council@edwardrive­, submit via www.edwardrive­, or send a letter. Submission­s opposing the developmen­t must include reasoning.

A ‘Disclosure of Political Donations and Gifts’ form (available from council’s website) must be returned with submission­s.

For further informatio­n on the proposal and how to make a submission, call Eliza Eastman at ERC on 5898 3000.

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