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Crowd fears raised

- Dear Editor, Yours etc. Ruth Landale Deniliquin

Does anyone else think it’s totally irresponsi­ble to go ahead with the Caulfield Cup races?

I would love nothing more than to dress up and have a day celebratin­g with friends however we have only just come out of lockdown, we could potentiall­y be plunged back into lockdown if one case shows up in our area, and the Delta variant is still causing havoc across NSW.

Not to mention vaccinatio­n rates are still low in our area.

The races will attract people from out of town and I know plenty of unvaccinat­ed people who want to attend.

Should we be risking everything just for an afternoon in nice frock with a glass of bubbles?

I really, really want to spend Christmas with family and without restrictio­ns, and I dread home schooling again.

I hope I’m wrong, but I worry that the races will at worst become a ‘super spreader’ event or simply be cancelled at the last minute, to the cost and inconvenie­nce of many locals.

Most other large events have been cancelled or postponed, so why are the races going ahead?

COVID has cost everyone dearly, let's not bring it to Deni when we have been lucky so far.

 ?? ??

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