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Dairy levy to be put to a vote in March

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The Dairy Australia Levy Poll Advisory Committee has recommende­d a poll be conducted of all dairy farmers to determine the future level of the dairy service levy.

The industry services levy invested by Dairy Australia contribute­s to research and innovation, delivery of initiative­s that support farm business management, tools to adapt to the environmen­t and address climate, attracting people to the industry and building skills, driving community trust and support for dairy through marketing, policy research, market insights, and trade relations.

Earlier this year, dairy farmer and industry representa­tives were appointed to an independen­t Levy Poll Advisory Committee (LPAC) set up to conduct the levy review.

Ron Storey, as chair, led the review and said it is ‘‘time for the dairy farmers to vote on the levy’’.

‘‘The last levy poll was almost ten years ago,’’ he said.

‘‘A lot has changed during that time for farmers and the industry looks quite different. There are challenges, but there are also great opportunit­ies.

‘‘It’s important that the Australian dairy industry has the right settings for future investment so that it can develop and realise its full potential.’’

Following consultati­on on voting options in August, the LPAC is now developing a set of voting options for the poll.

The poll is expected to be conducted in March 2022 with an outcome by April 2022.

To view LPAC’s full report on the decision around moving to a levy poll, and more on the Dairy Levy Review, go to

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