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Our vax rates are among the highest


The Murray River local government area continues to record impressive figures when it comes to COVID vaccinatio­ns.

It is one of a number of state councils to reach a 95 per cent single vax rate.

However, with 80.2 per cent double vaccinated, we are third in the state for double jabs behind The Hills, with 84.9 per cent, and Kuringau, with 84.4 per cent.

Neverthele­ss we have achieved the magic 80 per cent number all state government­s are striving for.

Well done girls and guys!

The local region has unfortunat­ely recorded cases of COVID, and sadly one death. Condolence­s are extended to the person’s family.

In my view, a major concern arising from the recent cases relates to exposure sites.

While these were identified early, it appears not all the site operators were made aware until several days afterwards.

It will be party time next weekend for Mathoura Football Netball Club’s juniors.

The club’s 2021 junior presentati­on function will be held at the clubrooms on Sunday from 11am.

Lunch will be provided, so go along and celebrate the achievemen­ts of the junior footballer­s and netballers.

With a bit of luck you might be able to really make the kids’ day by taking part in a parents versus kids football game.

Other trophies won during the season will be distribute­d when Mathoura Football Netball Club holds its 2021 senior presentati­on night later this month.

The event will be held at Mathoura Bowling Club on Saturday, October 23 from 6pm.

Tickets at $40 will include finger food and dinner.

Interested people should RSVP by October 16.

Are you a cacti enthusiast?

Well, Murray River Council is concerned that growers and nurseries may be selling well-known noxious weed, Prickly Pear, to gardening enthusiast­s.

The plants have sharp spines or barbs that injure people, pets, working dogs and livestock, injure, cause infections in, and kill native animals.

They can also blind animals, prevent farm animals from grazing and restrict animals’ access to shade and water.

Staff are urging gardeners to be especially cautious when next purchasing cacti.

Mathoura Bowling Club will hold its 2021/2022 Season Open Day tomorrow.

Names should be in by noon, for a 1pm start.

Club uniforms must be worn.

Murray River Council will ‘kick off’ its Youth Hubs today with teenagers in Barham and Moulamein able to try out the new facilities.

Young people aged 12 to 17 will be able to take part in a range of activities. They will have access to games, music, Wifi, PS4s, art supplies and more.

The Y-Hubs will run from 3.30pm to 6.30pm, offering inclusive and judgement free spaces in which the young people can connect, make new friends and learn.

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