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Third time’s the charm on roadside drug test


A 31 year-old Deniliquin woman was suspended from driving for 24 hours on Wednesday, after allegedly failing a roadside drug test.

Police said the woman was asked to take the test three times, alleging the first two were contaminat­ed in what they described as ‘‘deliberate non-compliance’’.

The woman was stopped driving on Cressy St, Deniliquin about 12.40pm for a random roadside breath test, which was negative.

Police allege the woman became argumentat­ive when they then asked her to take a roadside drug test, and allege she dropped the first testing stick on purpose.

Police provided her with a second testing stick, and allege she deliberate­ly failed to comply with instructio­ns which resulted in an invalid test.

It was at this time the woman allegedly hit out, which caused her open palm to connect with an officer’s chest.

She was restrained within the car until she calmed down, and then submitted to the third test.

Police said it was positive, and so she was taken to Deniliquin Police Station to provide samples for laboratory testing.

The 24 hour prohibitio­n notice was issued, and the results of the lab test will determine if further charges are laid.

Fuel targeted

Police are investigat­ing after two separate fuel siphoning reports in Mathoura.

An attempted fuel theft was reported about 9.05am Sunday when a Livingston St, Mathoura resident came out of their home to find the ute’s fuel cap on the bonnet.

The ute had only been used about 25 minutes earlier.

An empty fuel container which did not belong at the property was also found.

About 9.30am Sunday, a Mathoura St, Mathoura resident reported a small amount of fuel missing from their vehicle.

The fuel cap had been removed.

The resident told police he investigat­ed a noise outside about 4am, and reports to have seen a man walking away.

The missing fuel cap was not discovered until later in the morning.

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