Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Name: Leone Knight. Occupation: South West


Music CEO.

Favourite sporting team:

I don’t think there is a better, stronger, faster or more consistent team than the NZ All Blacks.

Locally, I am a bit of a fan of the Matildas.

Where were you born:

Orange, NSW.

Who do you find most inspiring: Those who have and continue to serve; those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to safeguard our freedoms. I am inspired by people with the courage of their conviction, those who dare greatly and speak truth to power. I am also inspired by heroes of the imaginatio­n — musicians, artists, thinkers, scientists and great teachers. What is your most prized possession: My sanity, my farm, my daughter’s orchestral harp and grand piano (technicall­y hers, but I paid for them).

If you could invite three people over for dinner, dead or alive, who would they be: Maria Callas, Michelange­lo, Dolly Parton.

Last movie you saw: A nine-part series on SBS on Country Music directed by Ken Burns.

Favourite holiday destinatio­n: Italy, particular­ly Venice.

Favourite meal and drink: The fresher and more adventurou­s the better, but you can’t fish and chips, bangers and mash or chocolate. For drinks, it used to be whiskey, but now coffee.

If I won lotto I would: Not tell anyone, look for a worthy cause and live my life as ‘business as usual’ until I retire, and then spend a lot of time travelling.

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