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Show your faith in doing good


It has been said that Faith is like calories; you can’t see them but you can see the results.

Faith is something that dwells in the deepest place of the heart, only God can see it.

Yet when we do something out of our faith, then everyone can see the outward sign and the good result.

In the Letter of St James, chapter 2 from verse 18, he writes:

‘‘Show me your faith apart from your works, and I, by my works, will show you my faith.’’

In other words we need to have both faith and works to have a true and fulfilling Christian life.

We can spend all our time praying, and that is good.

We can be out there always doing good works for family and community, and that is good.

But the real essence of true goodness is to walk alongside all people and offer nurture and compassion that is based on daily prayer and scriptures.

For me, I would not have the spiritual, emotional or physical strength to be with people without morning and evening prayer that becomes a prayerful journey through the day.

Without being pious, every activity in the day is a prayer, often unknown to me until I can reflect on the day.

God in Christ has been with me, and it is only through Him that I can be who I am.

This reality is not just for clergy and pastors, it is for all who follow Christ and live His teaching and example for others.

Yes we can get tired, frustrated and sad, but never empty when Christ is filling the depths of our hearts and being.

Let’s take in the calories of Faith so that Christ can strengthen us for good works.

~ Contribute­d by Archdeacon Wayne Sheean of St Paul’s Anglican Church, on behalf of the Combined Churches of Deniliquin.

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