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Peppin upgrades


Refurbishm­ent works at the Deniliquin Peppin Heritage Centre which were planned to start as early as September are on pause until heritage approval is provided.

At its September meeting, council approved its own developmen­t applicatio­n to make repairs at the centre, which incorporat­es a gallery, museum, and heritage structures.

Council is awaiting Section 60 approval from Heritage NSW before it can begin.

The Peppin Heritage Centre is a State Listed Item and is a locally listed heritage item in the Deniliquin Local Environmen­t Plan.

A spokespers­on for council said it is hoped approval will be provided ‘‘in the coming weeks’’.

The $450,000 works will see sections of the centre closed temporaril­y, including the art gallery.

Cracking in the walls and foundation­s, along with weathering to the roof of the heritage centre and ram shed prompted the need for repairs and refurbishm­ent to maintain the iconic site.

Informatio­n services will be moved, temporaril­y, to council’s Project HQ building in

Napier St, Deniliquin while works are being completed.

External work at the centre will include repairs and replacemen­t to slate roof and guttering, renewal and replacemen­t of the verandah, painting of timber work, replacemen­t of verandah substructu­re, posts, decking, roof structure, corrugated roofing and guttering, repairs to the external wall to repair cracking in mortar and brickwork, structural roof repair, repainting of existing finishes, and replacemen­t of the ram shed’s thatch roof.

Internally, there will be painting and updates to the ceiling, internal trims and frames. Work will take place in the visitor informatio­n centre, gallery and office.

There will also be repairs to mortar/ brickwork of the wall between the gallery and old classroom, along with some additions to the info centre office.

Further upgrades are on the agenda at the Peppin Heritage Centre, with a master plan prepared by design consultant Sivonne Binks, with the main aim to modernise the centre, yet to be formalised and made available for public consultati­on.

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