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Keep learning, for your own good

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Deniliquin Mental Health Awareness Group continues its #deni5in5, Five Ways to Wellbeing initiative to celebrate Mental Health Month in Deniliquin.

Already this month we have explored three of the five ways — Be Active, Connect and Be Aware.

Nex week’s topic is Keep Learning, and in the final week Deni MHAG will be encouragin­g you to help others.

Its chair Lyn Bond said while Mental Health Month is a great opportunit­y to explore the Five Ways to Wellbeing, what you learn during the initiative can be, and should be, used year round.

‘‘The Five Ways to Wellbeing initiative is a national initiative which we have turned into something special for Deni — to encourage everyone to improve their wellbeing,’’ she said.

‘‘Mental health is part of health, and just as important as our physical health.

‘‘It all just forms part of the continuum of health and we really wanted to bring this message home to our community.’’

Next week is all about learning, with people encouraged specifical­ly to learn more about mental health and where to reach out for help.

‘‘We have a lot to learn about mental health, mental health problems and mental illness,’’ Mrs Bond said.

‘‘Learning about this improves our knowledge and understand­ing. This is really important in addressing the stigma around mental health.

‘‘Stigma is the biggest factor that gets in the way of people seeking

help, and as a community we can all help by reducing this stigma.

‘‘We can do that by openly talking about our mental health and the ways in which we look after it.’’

Deni MHAG has a website — www.denimental­ — which provides a lot of useful informatio­n about the different mental health conditions and pathways to help.

‘‘There is no other community in our region that has a resource available to them like this one; specifical­ly aimed at them as a community,’’ Mrs Bond said.

‘‘We encourage the community

to take the time and pop onto the website.

‘‘There is informatio­n on there that we can all learn from, and having this informatio­n will help us know what to do when someone close to us might need support.’’

Learning also has proven benefits on your wellbeing, and it’s not just for children or young adults.

Research shows it’s just as important for people of all ages and life stages to keep learning for happiness, health and wellbeing.

Learning is about challengin­g ourselves to do something in a different way to what we’ve done

before — it doesn’t have to mean getting more qualificat­ions.

Learning can take many shapes and forms and you can learn in different environmen­ts (at home, or while you are shopping, for example), not just at school or uni. It’s easy to fit learning into your daily routine, as long as you’re open to different experience­s.

Learning new things can be fun, boost our self-confidence and selfesteem, can help us to find meaning and purpose in life, and connect us with others.

Studies show learning throughout life can help us enjoy life more, and improve our knowledge,

thinking skills and ability to cope with stress.

Broadening our minds helps us gain insight into life, ourselves, and the world around us, which are all good things for our wellbeing.

‘‘We are fortunate in Deni, in that there are so many learning and volunteeri­ng opportunit­ies through different interest groups for all genders and ages,’’ Mrs Bond said.

‘‘The Deniliquin Local Health Advisory Committee (Deni LHAC) recently collated a list of more than 100 organisati­ons and groups people could join for their wellbeing.’’

The community directory can be found at the link below:

 ?? ?? Deniliquin Mental Health Awareness Group members (from left) Michelle Conroy, Dan Salmon, Lourene Liebenberg, Mark Peterson, Callie Learmonth, Alison Thorne, Chantall Barnes and Lyn Bond.
Deniliquin Mental Health Awareness Group members (from left) Michelle Conroy, Dan Salmon, Lourene Liebenberg, Mark Peterson, Callie Learmonth, Alison Thorne, Chantall Barnes and Lyn Bond.

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