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Deni sheep sale report:


Tuesday’s Deniliquin Sheep Sale produced a similar size yarding to the previous fortnight, with the 11,000 head consisting of 8000 lambs.

Young unshorn lambs continue to be sold from the district.

The market was cheaper, attributed to less demand from the processing ranks and also plainer quality.

Not all the regular buyers were operating, and many of the young lambs presented in drier skins and visually weren't as appealing as recent markets.

Any heavy lambs with good carcass finish received the best support, and it was the inbetween lambs in the 18kg to 22kg carcase weight range which met selective demand. Agents did pass-in some pens.

The sheep sale was also significan­tly cheaper than a fortnight ago.

A few pens of heavy young lambs sold from $240 to a top of $272/head, but sales at this dollar per head level were limited.

The majority of the young lambs were medium and lighter trade weights which sold between $188 to $230/head.

The main run of first-cross lambs in the 22kg to 24kg carcase weight category averaged $219, while the 20kg to 22kg pens averaged $198/head.

An estimated range of 840c to 900c/kg carcase weight covered most sales, with just odd pens of very neat domestic lambs higher.

A restocking order claimed some of the drier trade lambs at $181 to $195/head.

Smaller crossbred lambs to the paddock $153 to $178/head.

A line of small Merino lambs in light condition made $80 to $135/head.

The sheep yarding comprised mostly heavier Merino ewes off shears.

Competitio­n for mutton was at much more subdued levels compared to recent markets, and agents did pass some lines in to negotiate post auction.

Bidding over $190 was rare regardless of weight, with most sheep making from $120 to $180/head. Restockers did purchase several pens of Merino ewes.

Top sales:

New season lambs – C & L Oliver, $272; IR Landale, $257.20; J Caldwell, $252.

Old lambs – B & S Frost, $290; Cleaveland Agri Business, $240; IR Landale, $218.

Hoggets – J Holschier, $217; Summit Farms, $216; J Caldwell, $210.

Sheep – T & J Clark, $200; Billabong Pastoral, $194; S & L Fawns, $192.

Rams – D & A Bull, $178; Tupra Pastoral, $169; Cootnight Pastoral, $165.

~ Details provided by Meat and Livestock Australia market reporter Jenny Kelly and Elders Rural Services Deniliquin, on behalf of the Deniliquin Associated Agents.

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