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Man arrested for assault, intimidati­ng male relative


A 37 year-old Deniliquin man has been charged with two counts of malicious damage, as well as stalking/intimidati­on and assault occasionin­g actual bodily harm stemming from a domestic incident on Friday evening.

It is alleged the man punched a male relative, aged 25, to the head multiple times when an argument between the pair escalated at the west Deniliquin home they share.

A knife from the kitchen was reportedly produced during the incident, but not used.

The younger man alleged the assault continued as he tried to leave the home. He was eventually able to leave, and chose not to return that night.

The 25 year-old went to Deniliquin Police Station on Saturday after allegedly receiving a number of threatenin­g messages from the older relative, and after reports some of his property had been damaged in his absence.

Police went to the west Deniliquin home on Saturday and arrested a 37 year-old man.

In addition to the charges, he was issued with a provisiona­l apprehende­d violence order.

Police confirmed two guitars at the home, one acoustic and one electric, had been damaged.

The 37 year-old has been released on conditiona­l bail pending court on November 2.

Littering fine

An 18 year-old local man has been fined for littering.

Police claim to have seen the man throw an empty takeaway food container out a car window near McLean Beach in Deniliquin, about 4pm on Saturday.

Remanded in custody

A 33 year-old Swan Hill man was arrested on Saturday and remanded in custody in relation to a number of traffic offences.

Police stopped a car on Hay Rd at Deniliquin about 2.55pm Saturday, and claim the driver produced a licence which had been disqualifi­ed ‘‘for several years’’ and was yet to be reinstated.

They also allege he failed a roadside breath test.

Checks later revealed the man’s licence was disqualifi­ed until January 2025, and that Hay Court had issued a warrant for the man in relation to a driving while disqualifi­ed charge.

At Deniliquin Police Station, a blood alcohol reading of 0.148 was recorded.

The man was charged with mid-range prescribed content of alcohol and disqualifi­ed driving, and the warrant from Hay Court was also executed.

The man was refused bail and taken to Albury, pending a court appearance yesterday.

The outcome of the hearing was known at the time of going to print.

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