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Concerned citizens want health service assurances

- Dear Editor,

We, as long-term residents of the Deniliquin community, and therefore consumers of Deniliquin Health Services, seek informed clarificat­ion that the recent reduction of 10 beds be a temporary measure and not permanent.

Deniliquin cannot afford to lose these beds.

We are all aware of the ever-increasing erosion of bed numbers in the past, which has in turn exacerbate­d the downgradin­g and loss of services, including the gradual cessation of services offered by the numerous visiting specialist­s that once graced these hallowed halls.

These doctors all delivered much needed expertise without patients having to be moved to other centres as is today.

Patients were given optimal care by the profession­al, dedicated, experience­d nursing staff that have always taken great pride in what they did, whilst being proud of the hospital where they worked.

Currently the staff are stressed, work excessive hours, and are given very little in the way of acknowledg­ement or thanks to the superlativ­e manner in which they have given their all over this very trying time of COVID.

A big shout out should be given to these staff members, who have shown strength and endurance while working under extreme pressure due to low staffing and increasing patient load, beyond what should be expected of them.

Yours etc. Elsa Bolton

Deniliquin On behalf of a growing number

of concerned citizens

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