Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Watching the water flow by

- Dear Editor, Yours etc. Laurie Beer Mayrung

I wish to make your readers aware of the current, ridiculous situation where we have a full river flooding out into the forest, with no capacity to utilise the water downstream, and yet farmers are not being given the opportunit­y to take supplement­ary water (off allocation) due to a supposed supplement­ary limit.

Surely when nature provides us with abundant water, which doesn’t happen very often, it should be made available for productive use, which will benefit the whole community.

We all know that due to the effects of COVID restrictio­ns the country’s economy has a lot of catching up to do and needs massive economic stimulus.

What better way than to allow farmers to utilise excess water to increase their production, which will have flow on benefits for the whole community.

I call on all the local mayors, chairmen, presidents and other community leaders to put pressure on the government to change this stupid regulation.

Surely if there is surplus water in the system it should be available for people to utilise if they can.

Because the only ones benefittin­g from the current rule is the water traders, as it is holding the price of water artificial­ly high.

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