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October is Mental Health Month and Deniliquin Mental Health Awareness Group (Deni MHAG) has been running the #deni5in5 campaign, encouragin­g the Five Ways to Wellbeing.

Next week is all about kindness, giving and helping others.

‘‘Our community in Deni is a fantastic community to live in, and any community group will tell you how wonderful and kind the people of Deniliquin are when it comes to giving, helping and supporting local groups and charities in their respective efforts,’’ Deni MHAG member Lourene Liebenberg said.

‘‘The community truly showcases the idea of ‘charity starts at home’.

‘‘A really important part of kindness, giving and helping each other, is also to say thank you and to acknowledg­e these acts of kindness.

‘‘Deni MHAG would like to acknowledg­e all the people of Deni who always contribute generously to all local charities, service groups and initiative­s.’’

On behalf of Deni MHAG, Mrs Liebenberg also thanked the many groups that work with the group to promote wellness and support those seeking to improve it in themselves or others.

Deniliquin Local Health Advisory Group (Deni LHAC) has been working on a list of organisati­ons people can join for their wellbeing , and with the support of Deni MHAG and the DENILIQUIN PASTORAL TIMES this list is being made available to all of the community as an insert in today’s paper. Deni LHAC thanks them for their support. ‘‘Many of these groups and organisati­ons and service clubs rely on volunteers to get involved to run these groups, and we encourage people to get involved and to contribute in some form or shape,’’ said Mrs Liebenberg, who also happens to be chair of Deniliquin LHAC.

‘‘All these groups encourage people join them and share particular interests.

‘‘Being part of a group increases our general sense of wellbeing in that we are being active, we are connecting and we can keep learning — three of the other Five Ways to Wellness.

‘‘We are incredibly lucky in Deniliquin to have so many groups to join, and to be a part of the bigger community.

‘‘Deni MHAG actually is one of these groups, and we rely on the support of our community. So we want to thank people in our community who support our group’s initiative­s and campaigns.’’

Deni MHAG is simply a group of volunteers who work together to raise awareness of mental health and wellbeing.

No one is employed by Deni MHAG and all projects are delivered the in-kind contributi­on of time and resources by its members.

‘‘Just like many other community groups, Deni MHAG has to actively seek funding for any initiative­s they bring to the community,’’ Mrs Liebenberg said.

‘‘Deni MHAG has been very fortunate to join forces with Channel4Ch­ange, which provides ongoing funding for projects, and we would like to say thank you to this charity foundation and every volunteer who gives of their time to our group.

‘‘Sivonne Binks from Sivonne Creative also gives much of her time and expertise to our group and we have the best mental health campaigns across our entire region.

‘‘We also thank the PASTORAL TIMES for all their support and assistance in publishing many of our initiative­s throughout the year.

‘‘Thank you to also to the community, which is supporting our work, and in particular the sponsors for this year’s Halloween event ‘Mental health; it’s not as scary as you think!’.

‘‘We are indeed a kind and giving community.’’

More informatio­n about any of Deni MHAG’s campaigns, or for advice on pathways to help, go to www.denimental­

Anyone requiring crisis support can contact Accessline on 1800 800 944 , Lifeline Australia on 13 11 14, BeyondBlue on 1300 224 636 or Kids Helpline on 1800 551 800. Informatio­n is also available at

 ?? ?? The #deni5in5 campaign is based on the Five Ways to Wellbeing, which people are encouraged to put in to action during Mental Health Month and throughout the year.
The #deni5in5 campaign is based on the Five Ways to Wellbeing, which people are encouraged to put in to action during Mental Health Month and throughout the year.

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