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New program designed to help you ‘live well’


Murrumbidg­ee Local Health District and Murrumbidg­ee Primary Health Network have partnered to redesign the way care is provided for people with common chronic conditions in the Murrumbidg­ee.

A series of co-design workshops for health profession­als, health organisati­ons and community members will be held at the end of October.

The Murrumbidg­ee Living Well, Your Way program seeks to ensure that people with congestive heart failure and/or chronic obstructiv­e pulmonary disease in the community have the best quality of life possible through access to the personal, profession­al, and community resources they need, when they need them, and in the way that they choose to use them.

Twelve workshops are planned covering all aspects of the initiative.

Sessions will run from October 25 to 27, via online webinars.

MLHD CEO Jill Ludford says the codesign approach allows all perspectiv­es to be connected together to better understand the needs of all stakeholde­rs.

‘‘The workshops will provide opportunit­ies to test and develop the Living Well, Your Way initiative with sessions tailored for general practition­ers, specialist­s, hospital staff, allied health profession­als, consumers and carers to collaborat­e on ideas,” Ms Ludford said.

‘‘The feedback generated during the sessions will enable the healthcare teams to develop clear clinical pathways for all patients to improve access to the care they need.’’

MPHN acting CEO Julie Redway said the use of a co-design approach allows for the gathering and understand­ing of current experience­s, and an opportunit­y to identify opportunit­ies for improvemen­t.

‘‘We are taking a collaborat­ive approach to all aspects of this initiative and are looking for interested people to be involved in the design and delivery of the new pathway,’’ Ms Redway said.

‘‘Co-design is a way of bringing consumers, carers, families and health workers together to improve health services.

‘‘It gives people an equal voice as active partners in health care improvemen­t and leads to better outcomes for all.’’

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