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After eight years working and living in the hustle and bustle of Melbourne, Nicole Duggan (nee Walker) was yearning for the simpler life country living provided.

So she made the move back to Deniliquin with her husband Beau and one year-old daughter Abby.

And she did so with the full support of her employers.

Finance company Entourage opened its first regional office in Deniliquin to aid Mrs Duggan’s desire to be home again.

She made the move to Melbourne eight years ago to continue her career in finance, as a mortgage broker.

But after spending a few years under COVID lockdowns and tight restrictio­ns, during which she and her husband welcomed their first child, they started to really miss the lifestyle that Deni offered.

‘‘I fell pregnant just as lockdown started in Melbourne,’’ said Mrs Duggan.

‘‘Luckily the borders opened up just in time for Abby’s birth and my family were able to come and meet her.’’

The family made the decision to move back, wanting a change of pace and a more laid back lifestyle to raise their daughter, with the support of family close by.

‘‘We missed being close to family and were a bit over the hustle and bustle of Melbourne,’’ said Mrs Duggan.

‘‘I was really lucky that Entourage was happy to support my relocation.

‘‘There is so much opportunit­y for growth here at the moment, especially in the finance and real estate industry.

‘‘The way the property market here is booming, there is definitely a demand for our services in town.’’

Mrs Duggan, who has more than 10 years experience in the finance industry, said she feels extremely lucky to be able to bring the skills she learned in Melbourne back home to Deni.

‘‘It’s great to have the support of the Melbourne team behind me,’’ she said.

‘‘I am still able to look after my clientele in Melbourne while also bringing in new clientele locally.’’

Mrs Duggan said her family is enjoying being part of a small community again.

‘‘I love that when you are in town on the weekend, or go to the grocery store, you always run into someone you know and can have a chat,’’ she said.

‘‘It has been so great to be back with family and friends again after so long.’’

The Duggans have recently bought a block of land, where they are in the process of building their forever home.

‘‘I can see our life here very clearly, and I am very excited for it,’’ Mrs Duggan said.

‘‘I can see our little girl going through schooling here, and hopefully raising the rest of our family here.’’

 ?? ?? Nicole Duggan has returned home to Deniliquin with husband Beau and their daughter Abby.
Nicole Duggan has returned home to Deniliquin with husband Beau and their daughter Abby.

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