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Alien bones found in Moulamein


A world-first discovery has been unearthed at Moulamein, and correspond­ent Ian ‘China’ Gibson was on the ground to get the scoop.

“With the torrential rain we got a few weeks ago, we also got plenty of erosion in places which have not copped that much rain for centuries,” he said.

“One of our local farmers was out in his back paddock and noticed some bones had been uncovered by water erosion.

“He thought nothing of it until he got a bit up the track and thought, ‘something is not right back there’.

“What he found seemed unusual, so he started to dig, and what he uncovered can hardly be believed.

“Taking care to preserve his unusual find, he moved to notify the authoritie­s, but worried about the ramificati­ons of his honesty (we have all heard about those discoverie­s which the government of the day magically disappears, as well as those that find them). “Instead, he decided to rebuild the skeleton.” According to China, the farmer has become a bit obsessed with his new friend, worrying a few of his human mates.

“But our farmer insisted the bones were communicat­ing with him - he could help our farmer friend put him back together as his mind lived on.

“Our farmer friend has wished to remain nameless as he is still uncovering things that are best kept secret for at least 12 months.

He has named his discovery the Tryjointit­oseus as he has three joints in his arms and legs and only three toes and fingers on each hand and foot.“

China says he will provide a full report at the same time next year.

Daylight savings

It’s time to wind the clock back! Daylight savings ends on Sunday, at 3am. It will start again at 2am on the first Sunday in October.

Danger period ending

Also ending this weekend is the bush fire danger period.

The NSW Rural Fire Service has declared an end to the statutory Bush Fire Danger Period in the Mid Murray Zone, from today.

Fire permits will no longer be required for the Edward River, Murray River and Murrumbidg­ee (former Jerilderie) local government areas.

NSW RFS Inspector Doug Adamson said all members of the public must still abide by the law when conducting hazard reduction burns.

“Even though a fire permit is no longer a requiremen­t, residents must still notify their neighbours and the local fire authority at www. 24 hours before burning.”

“Check whether you need a bush fire reduction certificat­e before proceeding with a burn.

“Despite these milder conditions, there is always the potential for fires to threaten life, property and the environmen­t, if not managed correctly.”

Insp Adamson said the local community should not become complacent to the danger of bush fire now that the danger period is officially over.

To arrange a Bush Fire Hazard Reduction Certificat­e, or a free environmen­tal assessment, contact the Mid Murray Fire Control Centre in Deniliquin on 5898 4100.

Strike two

The NSW Nurses and Midwives Associatio­n Deniliquin branch participat­ed in the state-wide strike for better pay and nurse to patient ratios yesterday.

The group of about 20 nurses, midwives and former nurses staged the strike at The Crossing Cafe, where two local doctors bought them a coffee in support.

The group brought signs asking for the government to come to the table on negotiatio­ns of fair pay and procedure.

More in Tuesday’s edition.

 ?? ?? The mystery Moulamein farmer with the alien bones found on his farm.
The mystery Moulamein farmer with the alien bones found on his farm.

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