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Woman charged

- By Zoe McMaugh

A 40-year-old Deniliquin woman who reportedly grabbed a knife while in an argument with her daughter has been charged with assault.

A teenage girl told police a verbal argument with her mother started about 1.30am Sunday.

It allegedly escalated to the girl being dragged out of her bedroom, causing her to fall to the ground. Her mother is then alleged to have grabbed a knife from the kitchen. Fearing for her safety, the girl fled the home. She attended the Deniliquin police station later that morning to report the incident.

A 32-year-old Deniliquin woman has been charged with driving on an expired licence, as she awaits the results of drug driving testing.

The woman was stopped driving at the corner of Sloane and Russell Sts, Deniliquin, about 3.35pm on Wednesday for roadside drug and alcohol testing. Police said she tested negative to alcohol impaired driving, but the roadside drug test was positive. Saliva samples were taken at Deniliquin Police Station for further testing.

When asked to produce her licence, the woman admitted she did not have one. Checks revealed her Victorian licence expired in 2019. She was issued an infringeme­nt notice for the driving offence, with further charges dependent on the results of laboratory testing of a saliva sample.

A 21-year-old Deniliquin man has been charged with breaching an apprehende­d violence order and two counts of intimidati­on following an incident at a Deniliquin home on Tuesday. He was refused bail and remanded in custody pending a court appearance on April 5.

A 33-year-old Melbourne man has been fined for negligent driving and being unlicensed for class following a motorbike crash on Sunday. Police said the man and his 25-year-old passenger were travelling north between Pretty Pine and Wanganella when he ran off the road. The motorbike bounced throwing off the passenger, who was reportedly uninjured. The bike and rider continued another 30m before crashing, which resulted in the man sustaining non-life-threatenin­g injuries to hands and hip.Checks revealed the man did not have a motorbike licence.

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