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A bold new Sanctuary


A private company wants to develop Deniliquin’s Island Sanctuary.

It has a proposal that involves a swing bridge from Cressy St to the sanctuary, a new park with the latest play equipment and a fishing jetty that protrudes out into the Edward River.

The company also wants to utilise some of the sanctuary land on the Memorial Park side for a conference centre and holiday apartments, and said this could be extended onto the Memorial Park number three oval.

“Our Island Sanctuary developmen­t is an exciting concept for Deniliquin’s most under-utilised visitor attraction,” principal developer Mr Lirpa Yadsloof said in an exclusive interview with the Pastoral Times.

“It is hard to understand that such an iconic attraction has been ignored by your community.

“Like, who in their right mind would close down the entrance to such a unique block of land? Let’s open it up and utilise the Island Sanctuary properly.”

Mr Lirpa said his internatio­nal company had the funds to start the project and all it needs is council approval.

“I’m not expecting any hassles there. After all, your town hasn’t actually been overrun with new private developmen­ts in recent years, so I think I’ll be welcomed with open arms. I might even be able to incorporat­e a Seniors Living Project next to the apartments, or out onto the oval.

“I haven’t spoken to the council yet, but

I’ll try to do that when I’m in Deni today (Friday).”

Mr Lirpa said he also hopes to put some animals back into the sanctuary.

“Our environmen­tal researcher­s, in scoping out this project, discovered that there used to be kangaroos and emus, even the occasional wombat, koala and goanna roaming about the sanctuary. We need to put them back.

“Imagine waking up in one of our apartments, looking out your window and watching the kangaroos jump by and the koalas chewing on gum leaves. It’s quintessen­tially Australian and I think would be very popular with internatio­nal tourists.

“We might even get enough interest from visitors to justify developing the airport, which I believe has been talked about a lot but nothing has happened.”

Mr Lirpa washed away concerns that were raised about the sanctuary being on a flood plain.

“Flood plain, bud plain! Who cares! If it gets a bit wet we’ll supply everyone with a pair of gumboots. Might have to even buy a tinny or two so they can row in and out.”

Long term plans include a boat marina and a mini-golf course.

“It’s exciting, isn’t it!” Mr Lirpa said. “I’ve travelled the world and this is the only town with an Island Sanctuary in its main street. You people here don’t seem to get that … it’s a world class attraction. And all you do is lock the front gate.

“Well, I’m gonna fix that, and big time!”

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