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Region in the spotlight at Sydney Royal Easter Show


The local region was certainly well represente­d in Sydney this weekend, at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Shelby Taggert was in Sydney all last week as part of the NSW Young Woman program, representi­ng the Denilqiuin Show.

Show Society president Chantelle Shevels and vice president Trudy Fanning joined her at the weekend for the announceme­nt of the winner.

While it was not Shelby's name called out, she still had an action packed week which included sharing the same space as Her Royal Highness Princess Anne for a dinner.

Also on Sunday, a new AgShows NSW logo, designed by our own Trudy Fanning as part of a competitio­n, was unveiled.

Wakool was also in the spotlight at the event, with June Lowry and George Rathbone from the Wakool Show sharing the ASC Dedication Award.

More on each of these in Thursday's edition.

Flash flooding

The Bureau of Meteorolog­y's prediction of a “shower or two” for Saturday certainly came true.

It was a mostly dry day but ominous clouds warned of what was to come.

And then the rain started just before 6pm.

It looked as though it was short lived, lasting only 10 minutes before the clouds parted and the night sky could be seen again.

But ever the trickster, mother nature still had a plan.

There was another short burst of rain just before 7pm, and then a deluge just after.

Various local streets suffered from flash flooding.

Lakes of water at least 1m wide were at the road's edges, completely surroundin­g those cars left at the kerb.

Luckily for most streets, the pooled water drained away within half an hour.

According to the BoM, based on data taken at its Deniliquin Airport weather station, 11.4mm of rain fell between 6pm and 8pm.

It was the third day rain has been recorded in Deniliquin, with the month's total rainfall to date 24.4mm.

Guidance error

You may remember a short while ago we brought to your attention an error with the ‘guide sign' directing EchucaMoam­a traffic to Deniliquin.

Well, it seems an extra ‘L' in Deniliquin is not the only local error on the state-organised road signs.

Talkback correspond­ents noticed on Friday the green guide sign on Ochtertyre St and the council road sign nearby are completely different.

The green guide sign is this time missing a letter, the first ‘T'.

Perhaps the NSW transport department could benefit from a copy of the Deniliquin Town Map.

Early edition

This Friday is Good Friday, which means you get your news a day earlier this week.

This week's second edition of the Pastoral Times will hit the shelves on Thursday, because of the public holiday.

It means all deadlines are brought forward 24 hours.

For Local Classies bookings, the deadline is 10am Wednesday.

The Pastoral Times office will be closed on Good Friday.

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