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Rams too strong


A grade - Deni 47 def Echuca 29.

After a contested start the Rams took off and proved that they are strong across the entire court.

Led by the knowledge and mentorship of the 2022 leadership group - Bec White, Amelia Seignior and Rach Bull - the Rams were able to step up to the challenges that the Eagles brought to the game.

After a couple of minor positional changes, there was a definite third quarter dominance allowing the girls to compose themselves and enjoy the last term.

A huge team effort, the best on court went to a tireless Eloise Ritchie who dominated at GD showing her relentless pressure and perfect timing on a number of deflection­s.

Awards: Premier Finance - Eloise Ritchie; Rams Bar - Ella Harvey; Globe Hotel - Rach Bull.

B grade - Deni 38 def Echuca 21.

B grade had another great win this weekend against Echuca United. A number of key players absent from this week's game, the girls knew they would have to work hard and adjust accordingl­y and that they did!

Elle Panton, as always worked relentless­ly in defence throughout the whole game putting pressure on her opponent and picking off intercepts.

Kate McCalman slotted into the team beautifull­y after having a couple of years on the sideline and showed great versatilit­y, athleticis­m and accuracy.

Awards: Druitt Earthworks Incentive - Elle Panton; Bar Voucher - Kate McCalman; Total Bliss - Hannah Ford.

C grade - Deni 34 lost to Echuca 37.

C grade had a great game today displaying great effort and strong perseveran­ce for the four quarters.

Although defeated by Echuca, the girls showed that they can adapt to different positions as well as supporting and encouragin­g each other which is creating great team morale.

Awards: Incentive - Mel Broadbent; Globe Steph Maher; Total Bliss - Janice Hilton.

C Reserve - Deni 37 def Echuca 27.

Today's win took a full four quarter effort from each team member this week.

Echuca United moved the ball quickly throughout the game. We worked hard on implementi­ng a game of patience and possession which paid off at the final siren.

Our patience and possession theory meant we capitalise­d on the hard defence work, converting turnovers into goals.

Awards: Murray Constructi­ons Incentive - Temeka MacDonald; Total Bliss - Georgie Perrignon; Globe Hotel - Demi Blake.

Under 17s - Deni 42 def Echuca 30.

A great competitiv­e game from both teams this week, with the court play looking fairly equal across all four quarters.

Rams were lucky enough to capitalise on majority of their centre passes and converted turnovers into a score as well. Kate Westcott showing her versatilit­y this week, starting in the mid-court and then moving into the goal circle.

Awards: Shane & Allana Morse Incentive Kate Westcott; Total Bliss - Phoebe Jefferies;

Reflection­s and Club Socks - Bonnie Everett. Under 15s - Deni 27 def Echuca 13.

The girls had a strong start working hard in defence, creating many turnovers, which our shooters were able to convert. All girls worked hard on fill court pressure and chasing up any loose balls.

Awards: John and Bec Fitzpatric­k Incentive - Emma Parks; Reflection­s - Molly Bradley; Bennetts - Remy Henderson.

Under 13s - Deni 19 lt Echuca 20.

Echuca United were strong right from the start. Great fight by all the girls.

Awards: Deni Clothing Co Incentive - Bella Hillier; Rams socks - Macy Butcher; Fitnow towel - Ava Marshall.

Under 11s - Not scored

It was a stellar performanc­e by the girls. They did everything asked of them and more.

Awards: Deni Clothing Co - Maddi Keel; Fitnow - Arielle Hillier; Rams Socks - Olivia Armytage; Bennetts Drink Bottle - Lexi Butcher.

 ?? ?? Rach Bull in action on Saturday. Photo by Rohan Aldous.
Rach Bull in action on Saturday. Photo by Rohan Aldous.

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