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One loss for Rovers on weekend


A grade - Deni Rovers 21 lost to Picola 56 Saturday was another tough game against an experience­d opposition.

The girls gave 100 per cent all game and used the whole court to transition play end-to-end.

However, Picola were able to capitalise on turnovers and stretch their lead each quarter.

Awards: Coach's Award – Sienna Jenkins; Timbrr Firewood & Globe Award - Georgia McCulloch; Players' player - Abbey Wills.

B grade - Deni Rovers 48 def Picola 22

It was another hard fought win against a persistent opposition.

The team showed their versatilit­y when, despite injuries, they quickly adapted and there was barely a hiccup in play.

Elena Mulham and Hazel Glowrey made the transition onto the court perfectly. Georgia van Lieshout moved from WD to GA and continued to power on.

It's great to see the positive team play with lots of encouragem­ent and support for each other.

Awards: Timbrr Firewood - Carissa Bulmer; Deni Clothing Co. - Sarah Purtill; Globe Hotel - Natalie Sampson.

C grade - Deni Rovers 51 def Picola 35

The girls came away with a win. They fought hard to stay ahead, taking away key things to work on.

Awards: Keet's Hair - Chloe Bulmer; Globe Hotel - Kelly Thorpe; Deni Jewellers and Evolve - Catie Lewis.

C reserve - Deni Rovers 44 def Picola 21

In the first quarter the girls came out a bit shaky, leaving them down by one goal at the end of the first.

A change of height in defence and strong defensive pressure across the court made for a solid game play, giving the girls a good win.

Awards: Glow Beauty - Jemima Treble; Globe Hotel - Sami Davis; Total Bliss Emma East.

Under 17s - Deni Rovers 67 def Picola 5

The girls once again proved they can hold their own game.

Midcourt worked beautifull­y to allow the shooters to convert the goals.

Awards: Deni Driver Training – Abby Whitehorn; Subway – Shane Bothma; Josh's Bakehouse – Holly Amor.

Under 15s - Deni Rovers 36 def Picola 4

The under 15s had a great game resulting in our first win.

We had a much stronger start this week making it easier to make changes and giving us much better team cohesion.

Paige Brown and Aria Taylor wore their players down providing many turnovers.

The attacking end despite many changes stayed strong and earning Chloe Macknight a well deserved award too.

Awards: Aria & Harper - Paige Brown; Subway - Chloe Macknight; Subway - Aria Taylor.

Under Rovers 40 defeated Picola 3

13s - Deni

The under 13s girls had a fantastic game against Picola, coming away with the win.

The defensive end were strong, with our mid court displaying some excellent passages of play, ending with some very accurate shooting. Well done girls on a team effort! Awards: Aria & Harper - Izzy Macknight; Subway - Bae Wills; Subway – Zarly Horne.

Under 11s - Not scored

The girls proved once again they're a force to be reckoned with, keeping Picola actionless at their attack end.

Lara Horne, Zoe Harvey, Ava Braybon and Stella Andrews were good at intercepti­ng in the centre third, keeping our goalies busy.

Awards: Aria & Harper - Lara Horne; Subway - Stella Andrews.

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