Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Sheep sale report:


It was a very small pre-Easter yarding at Deniliquin on Tuesday, made up of 1500 lambs and 1000 sheep.

Just the core buying group attended and prices were cheaper than a fortnight ago, but in line with more recent sales.

The low numbers and mixed quality made it difficult to generate accurate trends.

The lead of the crossbred lambs had received some supplement­ary feeding and sold from $180 to $214/head, to track in the low 700c/kg carcase weight range.

Plainer lambs with less weight and finish then varied from $100 to $160/head, depending on quality and number in a pen.

There was a lot of smaller lots in the market. The smallest store type lambs made from $22 to $106/head.

Mutton was still supported by two export orders interested in acquiring some numbers, with the better lines of heavy ewes from $169 to a top of $212/head.

Top sales: Lambs

– S & L Fawns $210; P Roe $208; East Tolans Pty Ltd $204.

Hoggetts – R Collicoat $178; S & L Dawns $127.20; Lauriston Pastoral $108. Sheep – East Tolans Pty Ltd $212; G & E Barker $200; L Park $187.20.

Rams – PC Crossley $140; B & R Harrington $125; R Collicoat $110.

~ Details contribute­d by Meat & Livestock Australia market reporter Jenny Kelly and Elders Deniliquin, on behalf of the Deniliquin Associated Agents.

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