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Junior Rovers finish victorious


The Rovers thirds faced a battle with Picola United on Saturday.

Both outfits struggled fiercely, but only one could come away with the points.

The boys in blue had a little more luck in the first term, striking twice against Picola’s 1.1 (7).

In a tense second quarter, United pulled ahead with 2.3 (15), refusing the Rovers into the sticks.

After the main break, the Rovers again struggled to increase their scoreboard tally,In a final tussle, the Rovers found their groove and battled down a tired Picola outfit to kick an additional three majors.

Final score: Picola 3.5 (23) lt Rovers 5.9 (39).

Best Players: Edward Dudley, Jackson MuldoonLee­tham, Liam East, Cameron Wills, Brodie Elphick, Tyson Willis. Goals: Jackson Muldoon-Leetham (2), Tyson Willis (1), Alex Harvey (1), Dexter Hardman (1).

Awards: T McCully Constructi­ons - Eddie Dudley; Parts Central - Jackson Muldoon Leetham; Design & Build Cabinets - Liam East; Rovers Canteen - Cameron Wills and Brodie Elphick; Rovers Thursday Night Dinner - Tyson Willis; Subway - Luke Holloway and Jack van Lieshout.

The fourths brought home an extremely convincing win by 197 points.

Baxter Cowley dominated all over the ground and showed he is a real contender for the League Best & Fairest.

Jerrah Caruso was welcomed back as an over-eager this year, it was great to see Jerrah taking the field on the weekend; her skills around the ball were amazing and she also put six goals on the scoreboard, and assisted another five goals.

Dexter Hardman was also named in the best on ground. He is always around the ball and gets it out to his teammates.

Isaac Behsman had a great day out kicking seven goals. He could have kicked more but went off with a minor injury.

Spencer Cowley also kicked six goals for the game and was very strong in the forward line.

Ethan Connolly never disappoint­s in the back line.

Jessie Jervis is a welcome new player for Rovers this year.

Final score: 31.12 (198) to 0.1 (1).

Best Players: Baxter Cowley, Isaac Behsman, Dexter Hardman, Ethan Connolly, Spencer Cowley and Jessie Jervis. Goals: CJ Wilson (1), Spencer Cowley (6), Baxter Cowley (4), Liam Knuckey (1), Jerrah Caruso (6), Dexter Hardman (2), Isaac Behsman (7), Brody Wills (1), Logan Elphick (2), Jessie Jervis (2) and Noah Dunn (1).

Sponsor Awards: Design and Build Cabinets - Baxter Cowley; Cruizin* Diner - Jerrah Caruso; Rovers Canteen - Isaac Behsman and Spencer Cowley; Rovers Thursday Night Dinner - Ethan Connolly; Subway - Dexter Hardman & Brody Wills.

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