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Mollie has winning recipe

- By Bryanna Rossow

Opportunit­ies for Deniliquin Rovers Football Netball Club members to show off their cooking skills has continued, with the club hosting its second cook-off for the season last week.

This time it was the C-squad netballers competing, with the theme of the night being pasta.

Still sore from his loss to Daniel Mison in the previous week, more salt was added to senior player Adam Bodey’s wounds when his partner Mollie Leetham was announced as the winner.

Mollie won with her delectable chicken penne pesto pasta, which was unanimousl­y enjoyed by all judges.

While Bodey seemed happy for his partner, he was heard making some scathing comments about the judges of the football cook-off.

Mollie modestly accepted the award, thanking the judges and congratula­ting all other participan­ts.

Other entrants included C-squad coach Jemmah Conallin, assistant coach Carissa Holmberg, A-grade coach Chrissy Hurst and players Catie Lewis, Chloe Bulmer, Alicia Collisson, Vicki Beames, Kelly Thorpe, Nicole Felmingham, Lauren Butcher, Shannon Bulmer and Ellissa Boyer.

 ?? ?? Mollie Leetham
with her bedazzled cookoff trophy.
Mollie Leetham with her bedazzled cookoff trophy.

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