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Cooper leads dairy action plan panel


Dairy industry champion Robert Cooper has been appointed chair of a panel to lead the implementa­tion of the NSW Dairy Industry Action Plan (DIAP), setting the foundation­s for future growth of the industry.

As chair, Mr Cooper will establish an implementa­tion panel, which will be a blended membership of delivery organisati­ons and industry stakeholde­rs, supported by deputy chair Phil Ryan.

“My goal is to see action on the recommenda­tions of the New South Wales DIAP and work collaborat­ively to drive results for the whole dairy industry, especially at the farm level,” he said.

The panel will work with industry groups and government agencies to drive delivery of the actions outlined in the plan, while monitoring and reporting on implementa­tion over the next two years.

The Action Plan includes 28 actions across four themes:

• Research, Developmen­t and Extension — to boost productivi­ty and profitabil­ity by investing in research tailored to NSW producers and needs;

• Confidence — to renew producer confidence and maintain community trust and support;

•Skills & Business Resilience — to build farmer, employee and service provider skills, focusing on business planning and operation, and risk management;

• Stronger Futures — to support tomorrow’s farmers by taking a targeted approach to critical infrastruc­ture and addressing regulatory constraint­s or uncertaint­ies

The NSW Dairy Industry Action Plan and the government response can be found online at

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