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Local young guns strike‘gold’


More than 50 athletes from Deniliquin, Hay, Finley, Yarrawonga, Shepparton, Echuca, Albury and Griffith competed in the Little Athletics cross country event on Sunday.

Leanne Mulham said after not being able to run the event for the past two years, it was great to see the Deniliquin community and surroundin­g Little Athletics Clubs support the event.

“While there were a few mums in the crowd, it seemed it was dad’s role to ensure everyone was at the event at 9am while mum might have got a sleep-in for Mother’s Day,” she said.

“A big thank you to Deniliquin Little Athletics committee members who got involved to ensure the event ran smoothly.

“Thanks also to those who stayed at stations along the course, so everyone got around safely, and everyone else who supported the event.

“Next year the club plans on running a 3km Open event for all those who thought 6km was too far.”


Under-8-9 boys 2km: Jonty Carfoot (Echuca), 9:29:55, 1: Lenny Hanns (Deni), 9:36:64, 2: Lucas Mangan (Kyabram), 3.

Under-8-9 girls 2km: Sophie Eddy (Deni), 10:01:24, 1: Zara Clarke (Yarrawonga), 10:59:69, 2: Cleo Guinan (Echuca) 11:23:87, 3.

Under-10-11 boys 2km: Enzo Sztejman (Deni), 9:15:60, 1: Daniel Burn (Deni), 9:50:48, 2: Nick Nolan (Deni) 9:52:32, 3.

Under-10-11 girls 2km: Katelyn Eddy (Deni), 9:06:23, 1: Laura Stone (Shepparton), 9:13:24, 2: Vivianne Thompson (Deni), 9:58:03, 3.

Under-11-14 boys 3km: Nathaniel Clarke (Hay), 11:12:45, 1: Benji Carfoot (Echuca), 11:16:89, 2: Nathan Stone (Shepparton), 12:24.07, 3.

Under-11-14 girls 3km: Matilda Eddy (Deni), 13:25:70, 1: Amanda Hopkins (Griffith), 2: Hollie Armytage (Deni), 14:11:65, 3.

Tiny Tot–Under 7 girls: Grace Clarke (Yarrawonga), 1.

Tiny Tot–Under 7 boys: Gus Guinan (Echuca), 1: Mitchell Burn (Deni), 2: Oliver Clarke (Yarrawonga), 3.

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