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Water levels to be lowered


Lake Mulwala’s water level is being lowered by five metres in order to control problemati­c waterweed.

The Murray Darling Basin Authority made the decision in conjunctio­n with Goulburn-Murray water.

MDBA acting executive manager of river management Andrew Kremor said the water level would gradually drop and expose egeria densa weed to the air and winter frosts.

“We’d like to thank the community for their co-operation in our efforts to control the waterweed, which has grown increasing­ly dense since it was last managed four years ago,” Dr Kremor said.

He said winter was the best time to lower the water level as irrigation and recreation­al activities were at their quietest.

G-MW water storage services general manager Martina Cusack said the water authority would carry out general maintenanc­e under and around the bridge while the water was lowered, including pylon inspection­s and erosion repairs.

“We encourage lake residents and water users who draw water directly from the lake to use this time when the lake level is low to inspect and fix their own infrastruc­ture, such as jetties, boat ramps, retaining walls and pipe intakes,” she said.

“We expect to return Lake Mulwala to its regular operating levels by early August, but there is a chance that rain could inundate some of the low-lying parts of the lake before then.

“Anyone visiting or using the lake is advised to take the usual precaution­s and be aware of the changing conditions around the lake from early May to August.”

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