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Strathmert­on too good in wet

- A-grade: Blighty 27 def by Strathmert­on 56

It was a tough game in wet conditions, with lots of slipping and sliding it was challengin­g to maintain pressure.

Blighty’s team worked hard to work through a strong defence however were unable to consistent­ly convert. While not the result Blighty was hoping for, there was a lot to take away from the game to regroup and come back stronger.

Awards: Natalie Tremble, Charlotte Strong and Bridie Blake.

B-grade: Blighty 20 def by Strathmert­on 60

It was a tough game for Blighty against a well-oiled team and on slippery wet surfaces.

Thanks to the Blighty Under 17s players who stepped up and played amazingly.

There were some great passages of play when we created space.

Awards: Lillie Harford, Eimear Gogarty, Stevie Bateman and Jasmyn McKenzie.

C grade: Blighty 26 def by Strathmert­on 38

What an excellent game. The Blighty shooters shot with confidence, and the goals were bang-on.

The Blighty mid court worked much better this week.

The team’s defence were strong and alert causing turnovers. An exciting game to watch to build team spirit and confidence.

Awards: Best on court Tiah Macdonald - your efforts really showed - Stacey Doolan who just kept going, Krystle Winter for playing amazingly when thrown in the deep end in goal keeper with no warning, and Shelby who was

always consistent.

Under 17s: Blighty 21 def by Strathmert­on 30

The Blighty team had a couple of their regular players away so a very talented Chelsea Weir stepped up from the Under 15s, and together with her sister Maddie, were quite a force in defence.

Erica Nicholls once again shone in centre with loads of intercepts.

Unfortunat­ely the Strathy girls seemed to handle the wet weather better than Blighty did.

Awards- Erica Nicholls and Maddie Weir.

Under 15s: Blighty 10 def Strathmert­on 9

Despite poor weather conditions the under 15’s girls fought hard for four great quarters with drive and determinat­ion shown all down the court.

Awards: Chelsea Singleton, Ruby Caruso and Chelsea Weir.

Under 13s: Blighty 2 def by Strathmert­on 14

The Blighty Under 13s had a fantastic game, using their footwork to play smarter and not harder in the wet conditions.

Awards: Izzy Pearn, Indie Moses, Eliza Weir and Catie Michael.

Under 11s: Not scored

Awards: Eliza Culton, Lexie Hines, Amelia Armytage and Peggy McKenzie.

The Blighty girls played their first game in the rain and played awesomely, even with a slippery ball.

They had so much fun and enjoyed the game. Some of the girls even got a couple of goals.

Awards: Eliza Culton, Lexie Hines, Amelia Armytage and Peggy Mckenzie.

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