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It’s well known that at the cen­tre of the storm of the slow and steady on­set of pre-di­a­betes is in­sulin re­sis­tance – the body’s in­abil­ity, due to ex­cess weight and ge­netic risk fac­tors, to ef­fec­tively use the in­sulin the body makes. Along with in­sulin re­sis­tance, the body also has an ever-so-slowly dwin­dling sup­ply of in­sulin. Re­search shows that both in­sulin re­sis­tance and de­creased in­sulin-mak­ing ca­pac­ity start well be­fore the di­ag­no­sis of pre­di­a­betes and years be­fore the on­set of type 2. It seems that some peo­ple’s bod­ies can con­tinue to make as much in­sulin as they need, while oth­ers can­not. A key to treat­ing pre-di­a­betes is to put this in­sulin re­sis­tance in re­verse and max­imise your body’s in­sulin sen­si­tiv­ity by los­ing weight or main­tain­ing a healthy weight and be­ing phys­i­cally ac­tive. Stud­ies show that just 30 min­utes of daily ac­tiv­ity, such as walk­ing, can re­ally help.

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