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WHILE the rule of thirds is the most com­mon way of di­vid­ing the frame, it’s cer­tainly not the only one. A pop­u­lar al­ter­na­tive is the golden ra­tio, which places the op­ti­mal po­si­tions for fo­cal points and im­por­tant el­e­ments closer to the cen­tre than the rule of thirds.

This grid di­vides each side into sec­tions with a ra­tio of 1:0.618:1, which means that the cen­tre sec­tion is smaller than the outer ones. This is also known as the ‘di­vine pro­por­tion’ or the Phi ra­tio, and is based on the pro­por­tions that can of­ten be found in na­ture.

But that’s not all; this grid also sup­plies the pro­por­tions for the golden spi­ral. This in­ter­sects the lines found in the golden ra­tio, with the arc of the curve giv­ing you the op­ti­mal po­si­tions for plac­ing in­ter­est­ing el­e­ments of the pic­ture as well as the main fo­cal point.

Right Here, the hori­zon is on the up­per part of the golden ra­tio lines, while the shore and fo­cal point cor­re­spond to the golden spi­ral.

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