Flash project Master side­light

Ja­son Par­nell-Brookes finds the sweet spot for light­ing a model against a dark back­drop

Digital Camera World - - PHOTO PROJECTS -

Get some­one to stand next to a win­dow, then see how the light falls across their face, with high­lights on one side and shad­ows on

an­other. This is side­light. Push that win­dow back far­ther be­hind the sub­ject and you have an ex­treme an­gle of side­light. Push it fur­ther still and you cre­ate back­light.

Some­where be­tween the two ex­treme an­gles of side­light and back­light, you’ll find a sweet spot that cre­ates a beau­ti­ful ac­cent of light across your sub­ject. This is the an­gle at which you want to place your light…

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