Pro’s chal­lenge Make a mo­saic-style photo book

Land­scape, na­ture and travel photographer Lizzie Shep­herd pro­poses an iPhone book project

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The cam­era on my iPhone 6S smart­phone has be­come an in­valu­able part of my pho­to­graphic kit. Aside from its role in en­abling me to re­act spon­ta­neously to a scene or a mo­ment in time, I also love its na­tive 4:3 and 1:1 crop for­mats and the in­cred­i­ble depth of field from its tiny sen­sor. It’s also a bril­liant de­vice for demon­strat­ing ideas and com­po­si­tions dur­ing work­shops.

It’s all very well hav­ing a mas­sive cat­a­logue of smart­phone im­ages, but what can we do with them? I’m a big ad­vo­cate of the printed im­age so, when I heard about Mo­saic photo books, I hoped I’d found the per­fect an­swer. The Mo­saic app al­lows you to choose, or­gan­ise and up­load 20 im­ages from your phone or tablet. Four days later, you will re­ceive a beau­ti­fully crafted and pre­sented 7x7-inch hard­back book, with pic­tures ar­ranged on the front cover like mo­saic tiles.

I’ve made two books to date, us­ing Snapseed to process the im­ages on my phone first, and even cre­at­ing quad­ty­chs with the Pho­toS­plit app – con­tin­u­ing the tiled look from the front cover into the in­side pages.

The first book I made was a trial run, but it al­lowed me to re­fine my plans for my sec­ond – in par­tic­u­lar think­ing more about the se­ries of im­ages

I wanted to use, and also re­fin­ing the pro­cess­ing and bor­der style.

Bear in mind that your phone screen isn’t colour-man­aged, so it’s likely to show the im­ages brighter than they will ap­pear in print. To over­come this, you could try cre­at­ing a trial print or two at home first, and play­ing around with se­quenc­ing op­tions on a larger screen be­fore cre­at­ing your or­der in the app.

Con­tent is king and it re­ally is worth spend­ing time work­ing out your theme and how best to present your im­ages. There are limited text op­tions within the Mo­saic app (other ser­vices may be bet­ter if you’d prefer a lot of text along­side your im­age) so I cre­ated my own ti­tle page us­ing Pho­to­shop and up­loaded this text as the first of my 20 im­ages.

My next photo book will be play­fully ti­tled The Earth from the Air: all of the pic­tures in it are taken on my phone within a few feet of the ground, but of­ten giv­ing the il­lu­sion of a larger-scale ae­rial pho­to­graph.

Above The Mo­saic app for iOS en­ables you to com­pile a photo book from shots taken on your iPhone. See www. mix­­saic

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