Plug-ins and soft­ware to make mono su­per-sim­ple

Save your­self time by us­ing ded­i­cated black and white plug-ins to get suc­cess­ful monochrome con­ver­sions with a sin­gle click

Digital Camera World - - BLACK & WHITE -

Whil e there is a host of black-and-white ef­fects avail­able in Light­room or Pho­to­shop, go­ing be­yond the pre­set choices means you need to spend time ad­just­ing the set­tings to achieve dif­fer­ent re­sults. How­ever, there are other soft­ware op­tions that of­fer a wider range of pre­set looks and ef­fects. These can of­ten be used as a plug-in within your ex­ist­ing Light­room or Pho­to­shop soft­ware, so you have to choose the plug-in as an ef­fect or pro­cess­ing op­tion to ac­cess them. These soft­ware tools all of­fer a range of pre­set op­tions, rang­ing from ton­ing, print­ing and film to cam­era ‘looks’ that you can sim­ply ap­ply by click­ing on the rel­e­vant op­tion.

You can then fine-tune the ef­fect, and even ap­ply many dif­fer­ent ef­fects to a sin­gle im­age, although you need to use a lit­tle cau­tion to avoid an over-pro­cessed and gaudy re­sult. Even so, they of­fer much quicker and eas­ier ac­cess to a wider range of black-and-white ef­fects, with­out hav­ing to delve into the dif­fer­ent set­tings and ad­just­ments of Pho­to­shop.

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