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Reader Mick Os­borne pulls off tricky tim­ing to take this joy­ous im­age

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Ick­worth is a Na­tional Trust prop­erty in Suf­folk; they were right in the mid­dle of the lamb­ing sea­son when I vis­ited. It was a bit­terly cold day around Easter, and there was a huge Easter egg hunt tak­ing place.

Af­ter walk­ing through the lambs, I no­ticed that some of them were leap­ing about. I watched them care­fully and a par­tic­u­lar group caught my eye. They were by a fallen log, which was in a dip run­ning and jump­ing all around it. Sadly, by the time I’d got to them to frame the shot they’d moved from the log.

How­ever, I man­aged to get this photo af­ter about 10 min­utes of wait­ing, so I was very pleased with that. I caught this on my Canon 750D and 150-600mm Sigma Con­tem­po­rary lens at 400mm. The ex­po­sure was 1/2,000 sec at f/6.3 and ISO 2,000.

What a lovely mo­ment you’ve cap­tured, Mick. I defy any­one not to smile at this shot. I’ve seen lambs do­ing this my­self but I’ve never had the chance to get a shot of it, so I’m jeal­ous. You’ve got a lot right here – a fast shut­ter speed to freeze the ac­tion and the fo­cus is on that leap­ing lamb. That’s no mean feat, since this ac­tion would have been all over in a split-sec­ond.

There are a cou­ple of tech­ni­cal things to look at. First, ex­po­sure. The head of the first watch­ing lamb is slightly over­ex­posed so de­tail has been lost. If you shot raw, no prob­lem as it’s not far over so a quick ad­just­ment of the High­lights slider in Light­room or Adobe Cam­era Raw will have that sorted.

Sec­ond, com­po­si­tion. It’s hard to get a per­fect com­po­si­tion on a mov­ing sub­ject, so it’s no crime to ad­just it af­ter­wards. All the ac­tion is on the right and I don’t think you need so much empty space on the left of the shot. I would sug­gest a square crop here, with the jump­ing lamb in the top-left cor­ner and then crop to the right of the two less en­er­getic ones. Once you’ve done that, get some printed for next year’s Easter cards!


You’ve ex­e­cuted the shot with great tim­ing to cap­ture the leap­ing lamb at the peak of its leap I like the fact that the leap­ing lamb is look­ing down to the bot­tom­right-hand cor­ner Watch for over­ex­po­sure on white sub­jects, es­pe­cially in the mid­dle part of the day An aper­ture of f/8 would have given a lit­tle more sharp­ness in the black-and-white lamb

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