Six ways to shoot… Food

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1 Layer it

Cre­ate lay­ers, shapes and tex­tures within your setup by us­ing dif­fer­ent types of sur­faces and ob­jects to con­tain the food. Things such as wooden or slate chop­ping boards and small at­trac­tive bowls will help you dress your set and give you lots of cre­ative op­tions to play with.

2 Shoot­ing an­gle

Think about the an­gle you are go­ing to shoot from and how the sub­ject re­lates to the back­ground. Food is one of the sub­jects that works re­ally well pho­tographed from above, so re­ally sim­ple but ef­fec­tive set­ups can be cre­ated on a ba­sic table­top or even the floor.

3 Em­brace the light

It doesn’t mat­ter whether you use nat­u­ral or stu­dio light­ing – but what you must do is make it in­ter­est­ing. Back or side light­ing can help you cre­ate shad­ows that in turn add some depth and fi­nesse to your photo. Di­rec­tional light­ing can be eas­ily con­trolled with re­flec­tors.

4 Make it look fresh and ap­petis­ing

Cre­ate your scene first and add the food el­e­ment last so that it is as fresh as pos­si­ble. Fruit or veg­eta­bles can be made to look fresher with a quick wash or sim­ply by wrap­ping it in damp kitchen pa­per un­til the last mo­ment. A quick spray of fine mist wa­ter from a bot­tle couldn’t hurt ei­ther, but take care not to wet ar­eas you want to keep dry.

5 Use rel­e­vant props

The in­tro­duc­tion of props such as knives, forks and spoons can help to fill dull ar­eas with some­thing in­ter­est­ing. Junk shops are good places to find more un­usu­al­look­ing cut­lery. Don’t worry if it is bat­tered and scratched: this can add to its ap­peal.

6 Live View is your friend

With the cam­era on a tri­pod and Live View you can make tiny ad­just­ments to your com­po­si­tion and see the ef­fect in­stantly on the back of the cam­era. Don’t be afraid to move things around un­til your com­po­si­tion takes shape.

This shot com­bines some of the classic in­gre­di­ents of food pho­tog­ra­phy.

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