Im­age Res­cue

Over­ex­po­sure has re­moved lots of de­tail – but you can get it back

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This shot is suf­fer­ing from over­ex­po­sure in both the sky and the beach ar­eas, but there’s hid­den de­tail to bring out. To start, we se­lect an Ad­just­ment Brush, make it quite large and run it across the sky and the head­land. In the Range Mask set­ting in the Brush panel, we se­lect Lu­mi­nance, then ad­just Range to 50/100. Tak­ing Ex­po­sure to the left will bring cloud de­tails back. 1 To boost the bland fore­ground, 2 we run the Grad­u­ated Fil­ter tool up from

the bot­tom to just short of the hori­zon. We take the De­haze slider to the right to darken the mid­tones and bring out the tex­tures in the sand.

The sea area 3 also needs dark­en­ing a lit­tle: a small Ad­just­ment Brush across this and a tweak to Whites and High­lights will fix this. Fi­nally back in the Ba­sic panel we can cre­ate more punch 4 by tak­ing the De­haze slider to +15 and the Con­trast slider to +20.

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