What is bokeh?

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Bokeh is a term you’ll of­ten hear about in photography in re­la­tion to lenses. It comes from the Ja­panese lan­guage, and trans­lates lit­er­ally as ‘blur’. Bokeh is the name given to the aes­thetic qual­ity of the out-of-fo­cus ar­eas in an im­age, seen in the back­ground as blurred cir­cles of light. When parts of the fore­ground and back­ground are out­side a lens’ depth of field, the light that re­flects from el­e­ments in those ar­eas is ren­dered as cir­cles. The points of light aren’t fo­cused to a pre­cise point at the im­age plane, so they be­come out of fo­cus.

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